Lyrics: Jesse Jagz – Omo Alhaji Freestyle (YCee’s Omo Alhaji)

[Verse 1]
He walks into the spot
He sees damn thing can never stop
Cram berry and Ciroc chalz chilling on the rock
Pull up in the spot
He can hear ticking off the clock
Is a tale of the chicken in the fox
My hands still shaken of the shot damn
Itching every stop situation on top
Teaching is a lie still listening if anybody not
Never stop how never listen to his pops
And now he wishing he was ready for the mission
He was too young to listen guns gone missing
He on the television New York to Britain
One hell of a mission even all the intonation

[Verse 2]
Now give it up for that Nigerian gangster
You move to fast they might blast you
Street is after, police they might catch you
Its a fact they next man be an actor
Too hard to capture, back door contractor
Cruse in a Mansion, chased by the LASMA
Pace getting faster, place say Alaska
Registration is a fake from Madagascar
Do anything he paid to
Trust me underrate you
Do anything he paid to
Trust me it’s to late to underrate you
I’m talking M, talking Ice, talking wizzi
Too hot for TV, believe me it easy
I’m talking Banky, I’m talking jazzy
I’m talking Nigerian swag, I’m talking swanky

[Verse 3]
Now this the chapter, Nigerian gangster
Captain that man sir
Can’t see all you hear is my laughter
Gold is what am after, silver & alabasa
Am a bastard am a goon am a passer
Jagga real gee am an actor
Contractor, move brigs like a tractor
I’m a singer, producer and am a rapper
I’m talking V E C, I’m talking Phyno
I’m talking Olamide, am talking Gino
I’m talking English
I’m talking Nigerian Lingua
Ain’t fvck around baby girl, am talking mandingo.

The End.

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  1. Jargooooo This is just a verse from Odysseus album. Chill guys wait for the album April. If this hot banging shit is just a verse then wat do you tink the whole album will be. Who came up wit this lyrics. Ure a jagz fan. I Appreciate u for coming up with this lyrics

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