Buhari Bring Back Corruption #BringBackCorruption #BuhariBringBackNigeria

Buhari Bring Back Corruption #BringBackCorruption #BuhariBringBackNigeria

For Over Few days now the words “Buhari Bring Back Corruption” has been trending and having a Place on every social media page. #BringBackCorruption #BuhariBringBackNigeria, Many have however put a meaning to the HashTag that Only If President Muhammadu Buhari Brings Back Corruption, then He would be able to Bring Back Nigeria.

From a LiveLoadite I Coat “Let me tell you Only if there is corruption then would there Nigeria” “Plaese note that I do not mean corruption in terms of money laundering or embezzlement, there are many good examples of corruption”. End of coat.

Some Example of the Effect Corruption had on Nigeria.

• With Corruption Glo CoMonth Monthly Subscription Was N1000 Without Corruption Glo CoMonth Monthly Subscription is N1400.

• With Corruption a bag of pure water was N80 Without Corruption a bag of pure water is N150.

• With Corruption dollar was N180 Without Corruption dollar is N400.

• With Corruption I have 20hrs electricity at low tariff Without Corruption I have 7hrs electricity with 45% increase in tariff.

• With Corruption keke to my house takes N50 Without Corruption keke to my house takes N100.

• With Corruption smallest Indomie was N40 Without Corruption smallest indomie is N60.

The list can go on and continue but I just have to end it and take a stand……


Dear LiveLoadites, you will agree with me that we need corruption in this country…
Another simple instance is the Titus Sardine, it started with 4 fishes, it reduced to 3 Then now it’s 2.
In years to come, you’ll open Sardine and see “Try Again Later”…

This Post Connotes LiveLoadites Thinking Out Loud! Enjoy the rest of your day…

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