Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah

Nigeria’s Celebrity Eva Alordiah, Another Street Viral Video from Eva Alordiah Answers – 1000 Questions From Fans (Episode 1) #EvaAlordiahAnswers which is Currently Trending on the Social Networks as #EvaAlordiahAnswers Or #1000QuestionsForEvaAlordiah where ever get to answer 1000 Questions from her fans every week.

Read the following message from Eva Alordiah about the Eva Alordiah Answers – 1000 Questions From Fans Social Trend…

Recently I decided I was going to begin to really listen to just the fans, I mean who more important to Listen to? I constantly get a lot of questions coming in throughout my social networks and I decided to focus squarely on what the fans wanted to know.

We began #1000QuestionsForEvaAlordiah about a week ago and surprising enough, I enjoyed this better than most of the interviews I have had through my career! Isn’t that amazing? So I intend to go with this until we really do get through 1000 Questions.

So far I have learned a lot about myself by answering your questions. Watch to see what questions I have answered in this video and if you have questions, please post them in comments below.

Eva Alordiah Looking forward to reading from you.

Cynthia Morgan & Eva Alordiah
So much Love,
Eva Alordiah.



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