UEFA Champions League Top Ten Teams / Clubs after Matchday 5 November 24-25, 2015

The UEFA Top Ten Teams and Clubs after Matchday 5 November 24-25, of 2015 are listed below as FC Barcelona goes up to No.1,knocking Real Madrid down to No.2, Juventus coming up to No.3, Sevilla FC also came up to No.4 , FC Bayern München goes down to No.5, as FC Porto comes up to No.6, Club Atlético de Madrid went down to No.7, SSC Napoli comes up to No.8, ACF Fiorentina also came up to No.9, and Chelsea FC goes down to No.10, on the UEFA Champions League Table as at Matchday 5 November 24-25, 2015…

UEFA Champions League (Matchday 5 November 24-25, 2015)

1 FC Barcelona 34.000pts

2 Real Madrid 29.000pts

3 Juventus 29.000pts

4 Sevilla FC 28.000pts

5 FC Bayern München 28.000pts

6 FC Porto 25.000pts

7 Club Atlético de Madrid 22.000pts

8 SSC Napoli 22.000pts

9 ACF Fiorentina 20.000pts

10 Chelsea FC 21.000pts

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