Twitter is launching an ecosystem using the same tools used by Moments to help publishers, developers and really anyone that’s wanted to put together a collection of Tweets for a post. Using Tweetdeck or the newly launched Curator tool, users can find tweets they would like to build into a story.

The Curator tool also includes 20 different filters to help find relevant tweets and put those updates in whatever order you want. Then you can drop the url or collection ID of your tweet compilation into for an embed code. Drop that code into any site and you’re good to go.

Twitter has also introduced a grid layout (see below) for image and video-heavy stories. These compilations are are also editable on the fly.

If you build a collection and realize you need to add or remove a tweet, the ecosystem dynamically refreshes all the instances of the story no matter where you’ve put it.

But, Twitter’s not the only company with a new curation toolset, it’s also partnered with Spredfast, DataMinr, ScribbleLive, Wayin, and Flowics to help them build out their own versions of the feature. Plus if you start work in one tool, you can switch to another and continue building an embeddable collection.

“We think that this workflow could be used by a lot of different people, developers included. Tweets are great content,” Michael Ducker, one of Twitter’s head of product told Engadget. To that end, the ecosystem also works with apps via the new Collections API for developers. So expect more timelines in apps that look similar to the layout found in the official apps.

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