A Robot

A Robot

A Japanese robot manufacturer, Fanuc, has broken its own record by creating a robot capable of lifting more weight than any other robot in existence.

They Created the Former World’s Most Strongest Robot and yet the decided to break their record again.

The company created the M-2000iA/2300, which is capable of lifting payloads up to 2.3 tons.

The machine has a six axis design with the ability to reach more than 3.7 meters. It is also very flexible, with the ability to turn whole cars sideways.

The makers see it being used in the assembly of products like cars and heavy metals, according to Drives & Controls.

“To be known as the company that has produced the strongest robot in the world isn’t just about setting new records. The robot is not only the strongest in the world, but it is intelligent and agile, bringing increased flexibility and productivity to the production line, as well as increasing safety and improving the welfare of employees,” said Tom Bouchier, managing director for the company.

Its predecessor, the 1700L, was able to lift an impressive 1.7 tons, which was the equivalent of one construction digger or two small cars, according to the Manufacturer.

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