Word's Top/Best Brands

Word’s Top/Best Brands

Several technology companies are among the world’s most valuable brands, according to a new report from consultancy firm Interbrand. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and IBM continue to place at the top of the chart for at least the fifth consecutive year which could further show technology’s influence on the global scene.

Apple and Google remain at the top spot in 2015 as their respective brands have done quite well over the years. This is the third year in a row where they’ve been in the first and second position, respectively.

Not only has their stocks increased, but their products play a big part in our day-to-day lives (e.g. iPhone, Android operating system, Chrome browser, iPad, Siri, etc.).
Other technology firms on the list include Microsoft (#4), IBM (#5), Samsung (#7), Amazon (#10), Intel (#14), Cisco (#15), Oracle (#16), and HP (#18), Facebook (#23), eBay (#32), PayPal (#97), and Lenovo (#100).

A total of 28 out of the 100 companies Interbrand lists are technology companies, making up more than a third of the total value. No other industry dominates the rankings.

Facebook’s position in the list is perhaps the one with the biggest gain this year, rising up from #29 to #23 thanks to a 54 percent increase in its brand value, while PayPal and Lenovo makes its first appearance. In doing so, the electronics manufacturer becomes the second Chinese brand to be added to the list, joining Huawei.

“Because today, business and brands need to happen at the speed of people’s lives, this year’s Top 100 represents those elite brands that best align with people’s priorities and seamlessly integrate into their everyday,” says Interbrand Global Chief Executive Jez Frampton. “It is genuinely exciting to see so many leading brands across so many diverse industries increasingly embrace the role they play in influencing customer choice and building new business models in response to changing norms and testing new ideas to meet the need of shifting consumer mindsets.”

Interestingly, Alibaba is not featured in this list, even though it was suggested that it would following its amazing IPO a year ago.

For the past 16 years, Interbrand has looked at hundreds of brands to determine which ones are the most valuable. While the definition could be rather broad, the firm’s methodology focuses on three components: the financial performance of the brand’s products or services, its influence on a customer’s purchase decision, and how strong it plays competitively.

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