Burkina Faso coup leader Gen. Gilbert Diendere

Burkina Faso coup leader Gen. Gilbert Diendere

Burkina Faso’s state prosecutor has said the state will freeze the assets of the leaders and presumed accomplices of the coup that was launched earlier this month.

Laurent Poda said in the statement released Saturday that the assets would be frozen for three months for 14 individuals, including coup leader Gen. Gilbert Diendere and his wife Fatou Diendere, a member of parliament for the former ruling party.

He said those with frozen assets will only be able to withdraw 300,000 CFA ($512) each month.

Diendere stepped down after nearly a week in power. Transitional president Michel Kafando and Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida were reinstalled Wednesday.

Kafando on Friday disbanded the elite presidential guard that staged the coup. Zida said an investigation would bring to justice those who are guilty.

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