Travis Scott

Travis Scott

Travis Scott is seeking permission to date Chris Brown’s ex Rihanna.

An insider who spoke with Hollywood Lifereport that, RiRi needs her ex to say yes to her new found love, she told her new rumored boyfriend, she’ll always love her ex, Chris Brown and wants him to be okay with her new relationship.

“Travis and RiRi have talked about Chris and she told him that he’s a very ‘special person’ in her life and that she will ‘always love him,’”says the insider.“Travis thinks that’s noble of them to have that connection, and he just wants to make sure Breezy is cool with his and Rihanna‘s connection,”the insider adds.

Travis is doing everything he can to keep a favorable relationship between himself and Chris, even though Rihanna still fells for the father of one.

“Travis wants to work with Chris in the future and doesn’t want his relationship with Rihanna to become a future problem in his career,”the insider continued.
But, it’s not clear if Travis will be getting Chris’ blessing any time soon.

“Chris and Rihanna are really close friends and they’re in constant communication. The problem for Chris is that he doesn’t like seeing her with Travis. Nothing against Travis, he just doesn’t like seeing him or any man, for that matter, pushing up on Rihanna,”the source added.

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