Chrome Update tries to go easy on Memory Consumption

Chrome Update tries to go easy on Memory Consumption

With unused memory clean up via garbage collection on idle tabs, Chrome 45 is more proactive about how it uses your computer’s resources.

Google says it sees a 10 percent reduction of memory usage on average, with complex Web apps like Gmail see up to 25 percent reduction in memory used and will help your battery last up to 15 percent longer.

Also, when a user uses certain tabs more often than others, Chrome will now autoload them ahead of others on restart.

According to Ryan Schoen, Product Manager and Performance Promoter at Google, “tabs are restored from most to least recently viewed, so you get to see the most important tabs faster.”

Additionally, Chrome will now monitor the resources available to it. If your computer doesn’t have the resources Chrome needs, background activity on tabs will be paused until you click on them.

These new features are intended to make Chrome more battery and resource friendly.

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