MI and Ono Bello

MI and Ono Bello

Nigerian Hip-hop head and president of Chocolate City Music, Jude Abaga, aka M.I is well known for his great sense of humor, apart from being one of the hottest rap acts in the continent.

The 33-year old rapper who is an ambassador for telecommunications giant, “Globacom” is also known for his proud acceptance of his physical short comings, particularly his height challenge and the darkness of his skin as he has proudly given himself the “short black boy” tag.

The rapper turned up at the Gracing Martell 300 dinner yesterday, looking sharp as he rubbed shoulders with various entertainment industry colleagues.

Taking to his Instagram page, the rapper shared a photo taken with fashion publicist and entrepreneur, Ono Bello at the event, with this hilarious caption:

“Life goals: meet tall beautiful woman convince her to take picture with youact cool through it allcasually ask her to marry you because you want your children to be tall too:'(. . Lol.. The amazing @onobello”

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