Facebook Events Getting FaceLift

Facebook Events Getting FaceLift

Facebook is putting more effort in its Events feature, the company is taking steps to treat public and private events differently, with distinct features and promotions for each.

Public events will now have larger header images, present more information about the location and event, such as an artist’s profile or photos of the venue.

Meanwhile, wall posts will be less prominent.

The company is also considering different ways of interacting with events.

For example, your only way of showing interest in an event right now is to select the ‘Join’ option.

The company found people were often selecting the option only as a way of indicating interest – the people who join the event didn’t necessary attend.

It is now considering alternatives like “Follow” or “Remind me” so you can be updated on an event without necessarily committing.

Also, private parties are getting new cover art to beautify invites with 36 themes to start, and categories including seasons, holiday, family party, travel and food and drink.

The new themes are rolling out to Android users first, and will roll out to iOS users later. No word on desktop or Windows Phone support yet.

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