Cortana Can Now Translate in Real Time

Cortana Can Now Translate in Real Time

Like initially done on Skype, Microsoft’s translation service has now been integrated with Cortana, the personal digital assistant on Windows 10.

Users of Windows 10 will now be able to translate words, phrases, and sentences into almost 40 languages from the desktop.

Real-time translation feature can be accessed by saying “hey Cortana, how do you say” followed by the sentence they want to translate, and the language they want to hear it in.

For example, you could say “hey Cortana, translate ‘where is the nearest taxi stand’ in French?” to find out how to get a cab from your Paris hotel, or “Hey Cortana, how to say ‘garlic’ in German?” And get the answer, “Knoblauch.”

The user will also be able to translate without using voice by typing the same request into the taskbar and Cortana will find a translation into the chosen language.

Cortana could previously aid with some translation, but the new feature is now more comprehensive, offering more languages than before, including Bulgarian, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, and Klingon.

The feature is currently only available in the US and Chinese editions of Windows 10, more versions to be added in future.

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