Comedy Video: Mark Angel Comedy – Combantrin

Comedy Video: Mark Angel Comedy - Combantrin

Comedy Video: Mark Angel Comedy – Combantrin

Mark Angel Comedy is back! and this time around they’re back with a Bang! with a new Episode off their weekly comedy series after about 3 weeks break the Mark Angel Comedy Crew took off.

The Mark Angel Comedy Crew has gone beyond hilarious in this episode titled the Combantrin and watch how they combat the combat.

When you send a kid on an errand and the kid does not want to forget what you sent him or her for fear of being punished, the kid keeps repeating the name of what he or she was sent to get. Its a great way to never forget. But when something else takes over the memory or distracts the kid, things the kid will say will be most funny, when that kid is Emmanuella, you know what to expect.

In this episode of Mark Angel Comedy, Emmanuella forgets what Uncle Mark Angel to her to buy and thats everything changed for her, what she did next, you would not imagine it, you may have not even thought of it…you would laugh till your stomach hurts.

This is one comedy that promises to make you laugh until you shed tears of joy. Like you know already, this funny video will thrill you and you will not be able to keep your joy and laughter to yourself alone.

Watch this video below, like and share with family, friends, loved ones, neighbours and all you see around, but be sure to watch this video in a place where your loud laughter will be tolerated because this video will make you laugh out loud.



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