JAMB 2016 Admission for Candidates Who Scored Below 180 (Between 150-179)

JAMB 2016 Admission for Candidates Who Scored Below 180 (Between 150-179)

JAMB 2016 Admission for Candidates Who Scored Below 180 (Between 150-179)

This is to help provide Admissions for candidates with JAMB scores below 180 and ranging from 150 to 179.

We have created this thread as an eye opener to give you an idea of what that score can or cannot do for you as far as 2016 Admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions are concerned.

As we all know JAMB has released the official cut-off mark for this year which is 180 JAMB Admission Cut-off Marks For 2016 we know from experience that scores below 180 and between 150 to 179 can only gain admission into Colleges of Education and Polytechnics.

JAMB 2016 Admission for Candidates Who Scored Below 180 (Between 150-179)

The best thing to do at this moment therefore is to decide which of;

(1) College of Education.

(2) Polytechnic.

is best suited for your career goals.

According to JAMB 2016, NO UNIVERSITY WILL ADMIT YOU with 150 – 179 this year. It is better to switch your most preferred institution to either Polytechnic or College of Education to enable you stand a chance for admission into ND or NCE respectively (as the case may be).

Kindly also note that while obtaining Admission with the JAMB score below 180 and between 150 – 179 in JAMB allows you to participate in Post UTME of a College or Polytechnic, it does not give you a guarantee for admission into all courses offered in such school.

Do NOT apply for competitive courses like Engineering, Science Lab Tech, Computer Science, etc. Simply select courses that have lesser number of applicants.

Try to meet friends in the school you have interest in and let them guide you.

Again to make sure you pass the Post UTME and increase your chances of getting admission into Polytechnics, we recommend the use of Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for revision.

Finally, you may decide to apply for Pre-degree or Part Time Programme if the suggestion above did not favor you. Or better still, wait for next year. We are hopeful you now know what to do if your JAMB score is between 150 – 179.

Tell Us What you think as Yscholars Wish you success. Happy Admissions…

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  1. pls jamb i need my 40 marks God pls help me this is my last chance if i did’nt get it this year no school 4 me says my uncle pls u guys shuld help me pls my score was 179 pls hear the cry of my heart lord

  2. Jamb sent me 159 on sunday morning,I wrote on the 27th of feb,they should give me ma score,I leta checkd it onlyn I saw 199,and I hav checkd it up to 5tyms naw,xo I need to buy a scratch crd,I dnt reli knw ma score naw afta so much readin jamb should markk it again or beta still we should rewrite it I knew what wrote.


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