Sculptor a Reflective Substance Becomes the World’s Most Black Coloured Material


Sculptor a Reflective Substance Becomes the World’s Most Black Coloured Material

Anish Kapoor, a sculptor known for his reflective and sometimes spatially disorienting sculptures, has been observed to what is considered the world’s most black coloured substance.

Indian-British sculptor Anish Kapoorhas purchased exclusive rights to a new painting material called Vantablack, a black that is darker than any other.

The material was developed in 2014 by British company Surrey Nano Systems and is made, according to the company, of a “ ‘forest’ of millions upon millions of incredibly small tubes made from carbon, or carbon nanotubes.” Vantablack reflects only 0.036% of the light that hits it and could be used in a number of ways in a range of fields, such as in architecture or aero technology.

Kapoor is an internationally recognized artist known for his biomorphic sculptures and his use of reflective surfaces and extremely rich colors. It is not surprising that he was drawn to experimentation with this unusual substance. Kapoor is not the first artist to lay exclusive claim to a color.

Venetian Renaissance artist Titianhad his own signature blue, as did Yves Klein(who patented his color as IKB: International Klein Blue) in the 1960s. And many companies have trademarked their colors (e.g., UPS’s brown, Tiffany’s blue).

But Kapoor’s peers are furious that he is the only artist with access to this blackest of all blacks. Unfortunately for them, he has the legal right to do so. However, Kapoor only has the rights to Vantablack within the field of art.

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