Twitter Adds New Features of Record & Share Videos Via Direct Messages

Twitter Adds New Features of Record & Share Videos Via Direct Messages

Twitter Adds a New Features of Record and Share Videos Via Direct Messages, the features would be able to Record and Share Videos Via Direct Messages.

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Twitter really seems to be working hard at rolling out new features, as they’ve made two announcements on the 27th of February 2016. Users will now be able to record and share video through Direct Messages on Twitter.

The new feature will begin rolling out today to iOS and Android. Users will be able to send videos from; however, they will not be able to record them.

This comes after news earlier today that Twitter would now have a GIF search button for users when composing a tweet. This feature is also rolling out beginning today to Android, iOS, and

Starting today, you can capture&share videos in your Direct Messages. It’s rolling out globally on iOS&Android.

—Twitter Support (@Support)February 17, 2016

For those that are wondering, the Twitter UWA (universal Windows app) was not mentioned. Only Android, iOS, and was mentioned in either announcement.

Allowing videos to be recorded and sent through Direct Messages is a clear play to bring Twitter Direct Messages on par with Facebook Messenger. Twitter has also been contemplatingallowing users to tweet more than 140 characters at a timeas well as anews feed that’s not in chronological order.

Both are features that Facebook have had for some time.Twitter even turned favorites into likes.

Twitter is going to continue to announce new features as time progresses. It’s no secret that Twitter is looking for answers to a problem, and theyneed to make changes.

Do you think that sending videos through Direct Messages will provide a better Twitter experience? Let us know in the comments…

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