MI Abaga Set To Drop 2 Mixtapes ‘Illegal Music3’& ‘Yung Denzel’ Soon

MI Abaga

MI Abaga

M.I Abaga has confirmed the release month for his forthcoming Mixtapes “Illegal Music 3” and “Yung Denzel”.

The rapper is currently the CEO of Chocolate City Music, a record label he first signed up on as an artiste, and has taken to Twitter to confirm the release of his third and fourth mixtapes.

M.I Abaga had in November announced the release of mixtape “Illegal Music 3”
“I have seen the best turn to weed and lose direction/ Smoke or perspiration that’s the f***ing intersection/ What you let inspire you will ask for your protection/Your Highness are you low enough to one day face rejection?/ I have seen pretenders too numerous to mention/ Stand upon falsehood hence are fake by extension/ Man must pay to gravity the price for his accession/ If you think I’m talking to you this an intervention’. “Illegal Music 3” “everything..” Coming soon.” The rapper announced poetically.

“Illegal Music 3” will be M.I Abaga’s third mixtape which follows is predecessors “Illegal Music” released in 2009, and “Illegal Music 2” in 2012.

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