CM Punk (born and named as Phillip Jack “Phil” Brooks)

CM Punk (born and named as Phillip Jack “Phil” Brooks)

A former heavyweight champion at the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has, after a glorious career in wrestling at the highest level as an employee of the world famous organisation, moved his fighting career into something more physical and brutal called Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Seven-time World Heavyweight wrestling champion, CM Punk (born and named as Phillip Jack “Phil” Brooks) will exchange the popular four-sided ring of professional wrestling for the octagonal (eight-sided) cage of the mixed martial arts when he steps up against Mickey Gall in his first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

CM Punk will face Gall, who needed just 45 seconds to beat Mike Jackson and set up a fight with the retired wrestler sometime in June this year.

Gall has promised to show CM Punk the difference between wrestling and the very physical sport of Mixed Martial Arts by beating him to a pulp.

“I’m hungry; I want to be fed, feed me with CM Punk please.

“[I’ll] punch him as hard as I can in the face. I like to punch faces and I like to choke people out.’

CM Punk has struggled with injuries since joining the promotion but joined his future opponent in the Octagon.

He said: “It was very impressive, that’s how I want to win a fight. That’s got to be great feeling and I’ll find out after I beat Mickey Gall.

“He seemed to be having fun and that’s what I asked him when we went face to face.

“I know what he does and I’m of the school that I don’t care how hard someone hits, I try my best to avoid getting hit at all costs.”

“I talked to the kid earlier tonight, he’s so smooth, so confident and so relaxed,’ he said. “The kid was under tremendous pressure and he came out and delivered.

I’m blown away by his performance. He could not have looked better.

CM Punk posing during his fighting days at WWE

“It’s all about being the right guy in the right place at the right time. Everybody’s been calling out Punk but that’s the guy I liked.”

CM Punk has now gone the way of former wrestling champion, Brock Lesnar, who also took a sabbatical from the sport to fight at the UFC. He has since returned to WWE.

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