Astronauts & Astronomers Witness the Birth of a Planet

A Planet Is Born

A Planet Is Born

The photo above show exactly how A Planet Is Born in space read the statement below from Astronauts & Astronomers who Witnessed the Birth of a Planet in space.

Astronomers in November 2015 announced the discovery of a new planet being born.

Thousands of extra solar planets have been discovered, but this is the first that has been seen during its assembly out of the gas and dust of a star’s protoplanetary disk.

The planet orbits a young star 450 light-years away called LkCa 15.

The astronomers looked at the gap between the star and the disk, which would be a likely place to see new planets, since the accretion of a new planet would cause such a gap. The astronomers discovered the planet, LkCa 15 b, by observing the system in hydrogen-alpha light, a spectral line that is given off by hydrogen when it is heated (in this case, likely by the new planet’s magnetic field).

LkCa 15 b is a large gas giant like Jupiter. Two other objects were also observed, but they were not strong emitters of hydrogen-alpha light, so more observations are needed to understand them.

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