Apple Replaces Beats Music Streaming Service With Apple Music

Apple Replaces Beats Music Streaming Service With Apple Music

Apple is ending the Beats streaming music service on November 30 as it seeks to bring users to its newly launched Apple Music Henceforth Apple has now Replaces Beats Music Streaming Service with Apple Music.

The move, which had been widely expected, comes a little more than a year after Apple completed its $3 billion acquisition of Beats, known for its high-end headphones and other audio equipment in addition to its streaming service.

Apple’s biggest-ever acquisition also brought onboard the talents of Beats brains Dr. Dre, a rap musician and entrepreneur, and Jimmy Iovine, a music producer seen by some as a visionary for recognizing the trend toward online streaming.

A statement posted late Thursday said that “Beats Music ends on November 30” and that all subscriptions will be canceled.

The statement added that users can migrate their profiles and preferences to Apple Music, which began on June 30 as a subscription rival to services such as Spotify and Pandora.

“All the pros that curated music for you are still crafting more amazing experiences,” the statement said.

“Plus, on Apple Music, you’ll get even better recommendations based on music you already listen to and love, 24/7 global radio with Beats 1, exciting material from your favorite artist and more.”

The centerpiece of Apple Music is Beats 1, which bills itself as the first global radio station, and will include guest hosts such as pop legend Elton John and Dr. Dre.
The radio station will remain free, even for users who do not pay the $9.99 a month to stream artists, and Apple has made the service integral to its latest operating system on iPhones.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in October that its new music service had some 6.5 million subscribers, as it ended free trials.

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