Added Sugar Is Toxic to Children – Researchers say

Added Sugar Is Toxic to Children - Researchers say

Added Sugar Is Toxic to Children – Researchers say

A Researcher findings published in October 2015 revealed the extent to which added sugars in food products may be harming the health of children.
Within 10 days, obese children who reduced their added sugar consumption experienced dramatic improvements in vital health markers, including blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose tolerance.
Foods with added sugars that were removed from their diets were replaced with foods rich in starches.
Obese children who participated in the study adhered to the diet for nine days. The researchers then compared measures of health markers taken before and after the experiment.

The study’s findings renew the contentious debate over the health impacts of added sugars—the natural and artificial sweeteners added to processed food products. In February 2015 the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee in the United States recommended that foods containing added sugars be restricted to 10 percent of daily calorie intake, I think we should implement this law too in Nigeria & Other Countries.

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