Microsoft has announced it is going to take control concerning updates on its phones and it is going to be enhanced in a such a way that is better than the previous.

In a statement Microsoft told WMPowerUser that while it is working closely with mobile operators, it “will decide when to send the updates out.”

The statement went on to read: “The optimum way to ensure our customers are running the best Windows is to get them the latest updates for Windows 10.

Delivering Windows 10 as a service means we can offer ongoing security updates, new features and capabilities – we’d like to make sure people can get access to the latest Windows 10 updates as soon as they are available.”

It seems that while mobile networks will have some input and have time to test updates, ultimately Microsoft will make the final call and ensure updates are pushed out in a timely fashion.

Hopefully this news from Microsoft means that Windows 10 Mobile will be widely available on devices soon.

With this, one can hope future updates will be pushed out quickly.

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