Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda

Troubled rapper Bobby Shmurda’s request to have his $2 million bail reduced after his gang conspiracy trial has again been denied and shifted to next year.

Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, and whose trial was supposed to start Oct. 5, will now begin his defense next year, starting Feb 22.

The trial which was supposed to start in October but lawyers instead met with the judge to hash out the new court date.

The “Hot Ni**a” rapper has been locked up for almost a year on gang related murder charges.

The rapper allegedly led GS9, a violent gang that terrorized Brooklyn with shootings and drug dealing.

He appeared briefly Oct. 5, in Manhattan Supreme Court, smiling at his mother in the audience as cops brought him in front of the judge.

Shmurda will remain in prison for at least 6 more months as Judge James Burke denied a request by Shmurda’s new lawyer, Alex Spiro, to slash his client’s $2 million bail after Special Prosecutor Nigel Farina argued that Shmurda was dangerous and had the money and out of state connections to skip town.

It will be recalled that Shmurda earlier in the year rejected an eight year plea agreement.

The prosecutor has said there was still time to make a deal.

He added that investigators have since found Shmurda’s DNA on a sweatshirt and hat used in a shooting last January.

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