Electric Model X Family Car

Electric Model X Family Car

The much expected all-electric family SUV, Tesla Model X, has been unveiled.

It is an all-electric SUV with seating for up to seven passengers. It comes with Ludicrous mode available, a mode through which the car could go from zero to almost 100KM/h in 3.2 seconds.

It also has falcon wing doors in the rear, with safety features (they’re hinged so they can open in tight spaces), and an estimated range of more than 250 miles (up to 257).

The Model X scores five stars in “every category.” According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, this means the chances of getting involved in a car accident is only 6.5 percent.

The safety features is a result of not having an engine, this allows Tesla to re-engineer the car, making a much larger front-impact crumple zone, and great strength for side-on impacts. A low center of gravity due to the heavy batteries. This means that you probably won’t roll the Model X over, and even if you do, it will “land on its feet.”

There is a big HEPA air filter, which should make dirty city air cleaner to breathe.

The doors will “auto-present,” or in other words, open for you; the windshield is gigantic, so it feels like “sitting in a helicopter cockpit”; and the middle row of seats moves around automatically, so you can get your children in when your hands are full.

The rear doors are “falcon-wing,” so they open upwards. They’re different to those doors in one crucial respect: they have two sets of hinges, so they can open in an absurdly small space so the fancy doors are more practical that way.

The doors also have ultrasonic sensors in the side, so they know how much room they have to open. These aren’t normal ultrasonic sensors, though: there’s no black plastic dots, which are normally needed for those sensors. Tesla’s own version can see through metal.

The car can tow 5,000 pounds, whilst carrying seven people and a bunch of luggage, though the battery mileage is reduced while this happens. There’s also a custom-made hitch that quick installs and can carry four bikes or six sets of skis/snowboards.

The car comes in two major versions.

Model X 90D costs $132,000, with a range of 257 miles and 0-60 of about 3.7 seconds; the P90D runs $142,000, 250 miles and that 3.2-second acceleration.

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