Google increases apps size limit for Play Store

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Google has announced a size limit change for apps downloaded the Play Store. The limit allowed has been increased from 50MB to 100MB.

While it is possible to build an Android app or game of any size, the Play store has a cap. The limit ensures developers write code efficiently and keep an eye on the overall size of their project.

Also, it ensures users don’t have to wait too long to download the app or game, install it, and open it. It is a tight balance between taking advantage of the available hardware, targeting diverse audiences around the world, and offering a speedy experience.

The file size limit is now 50MB for APKs that target Android 3.2 and lower (API level 13 or lower). For APKs that target Android 4.0 and higher (API level 14 or higher), it’s now 100MB.

If a developer can’t support all devices with a single APK, he or she can upload multiple APKs using the same app listing. Each file will simply target different device configurations.

Google noted, “Even though you can make your app bigger, it doesn’t always mean you should.” Developers should be mindful of mobile data connectivity, in that users on a slow connection are less likely to install a big app or game, and that mobile users are wary of downloading large files for fear of being charged extra. Also, the larger your app or game, the slower it may run, particularly on older devices and a longer wait times increase the risk users will give up.

Comparatively, Apple’s App Store packages can be up to 4GB in size, while the Windows Store has a cap of 150GB.

This change should help Android developers who are building more complex apps and games.

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