Having been severely used as a tool to raise awareness and donations in times of crisis, Facebook is now looking to play a more active role in those efforts.

Naomi Gleit, a Facebook manager, revealed Sunday that the social network has created a team “dedicated to and committed to social good” during a Social Good Summit in New York.

Facebook’s social good team is focused on building a new suite of products that tap into the social causes and personal needs of its community.

The group has so far worked to push Amber Alerts to help find missing children, a feature called Safety Check to quickly notify friends and family that you’re safe after a disaster and a simplified Donate Now button used to raise money for ALS during the viral Ice Bucket Challenge and after the devastating Nepal earthquake. The last of those raised $10 million from some 700,000 users for Nepal relief.

Facebook is currently analyzing the activity of its users affected by the migrant crisis in the Middle East and Europe to determine what tools, if any, it can build to help people receive aid, get in touch with relatives or organize grassroots support.

Facebook isn’t the first to help with humanitarian efforts. Google has solicited donations for crises like ebola and launched tools to search for missing people in disaster situations. Twitter recently partnered with Square to process political donations, opening up the possibility of similar tools for causes.

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